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Just a kid trapped in a grown-up's body!

Is it bad if I say "I refuse to grow up!" 🤔😂 No, seriously! I have found a new way to use my oils and I just can't seem to do it enough. What's even better is I can do it with my grandkids! dōTERRA Essential Oil SLIME!!!

It started out as an activity for a vendor booth, but now.... the kids come over and I'm like "HEY! Do ya wanna make some slime?" (Seriously, though -I need to use up the 2 gallons of glue I bought! 😮)

What's even better is that I can choose from a variety of essentials oils depending on what health concern I want to address and still have fun! How cool is that! It's that time of year when the kids are fighting stuffy noses so we use our Respiratory Blend (Breathe) and talk about opening up those airways! 👃💙

It's also a great idea to throw a drop or two of the Protective Blend (On Guard) in there to help combat any environmental threats lingering around on their precious little hands. In addition, I love supporting healthy immune and respiratory function. 💪

And just recently, I came across this file listing many different recipes for Elmer's Glue Slime (which is what we made) that now I have to try the Dough Play Clay and more - 28 pages worth!

Can't wait to try these out!
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